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Gable Vents  

Gable End Vents - Gable Louvers - Attic Vents - Attic Louvers

We Manufacture Custom And Standard Size Aluminum Gable Vents.

Aluminum Gable Vents

New colors added!
Copper Tone Gable Vents
Need The Look Of Copper 
Without The Expense?
We got it!
Copper Tone

From our Testamonials page:

I wanted to let you know that our gable vents were received in excellent condition and were more than what we could have expected.  The workmanship was beautiful, they fit exactly according to our measurements and the color was true to the color swatches on the internet.  They are all up and look absolutely beautiful.  So much more practical for West Texas than the wood.  We just wanted to say thank you and let you know how pleased we were with your product.  If you need any references, please feel free to use this e-mail or have your customers contact us.  We would definitely use this product again and recommend it to others.  Thanks again for representing what you say you will do.

Attic ventilation

Attic ventilation serves two primary purposes: removing attic heat during hot weather and removing attic moisture during cold weather.

Attic ventilation is achieved through a proper balance of intake vents (soffit vents) and exhaust vents (gable vents). Gable vents, sometimes called gable vent covers,  and soffit vents work together as a system to allow air to move freely through the attic.

Proper attic ventilation can help protect your home year round.

During the summer months heat build up in the attic can create undesirable conditions. Reducing the excess attic heat will mitigate these circumstances.

  • Attic heat radiates down into the living space. Removing the heat before it can transfer to the residence will make the house more comfortable and will reduce cooling costs.
  • Excessive attic heat can cause early deterioration of asphalt shingles. Some roofing manufacturers have specified minimum ventilation requirements to satisfy the warranties of the roofing materials.                                                                                             
During the winter months moisture buildup in the attic can be problematic. Water vapor rises from the living space into the attic and then condenses. Adequate ventilation is crucial for moisture removal.
  • Condensation in the attic can cause mold, mildew and structural damage.  
  • Inadequate ventilation can promote the formation of ice dams.

Our products are manufactured from high quality aluminum sheet.
The raw material (aluminum sheet) is pre-finished with a 100% maintenance free baked enamel from the aluminum manufacturers.
Never needs repainting.
We also offer a mill finish (unpainted).

All of our products have insect screens on the back.
Uniform Building Code (UBC) Calculations to determine attic ventilation requirements.

NFA chart (Net Free Area)
 Use to determine the quantity and size needed to satisfy the UBC (or your local building code) requirements.

We offer over 25,000 different combinations of vents (shape, size, color and mounting flange options) that can be ordered directly from our website. Simply visit our products page, make your selections and your order will usually be manufactured and on it's way within 4 business days.

In addition to our stock vents we have solutions for special/unique or unusual applications. We are problem solvers and can get you what you need. 
  • Squirrel & Raccoon problems - We have a pest resistant design available.
  • Wind Driven Rain and Snow - We have a louver designed for use in areas prone to wind driven rain and snow. All of our products can be manufactured with our "Rain Louvers".  Our Rain Louvers have been used in hurricanes with great reviews.
  • Brick Extensions - We can install extensions on the back to bring the face out flush with brick/rock.
  • Special shapes/cut-outs/sizes - We can manufacture custom units to fit in any tight or odd shaped area or with cut-outs to accommodate chimneys, beams etc.  We can do any size vent, large or small. We can accommodate any retrofit application.
  • Attic Access - Any rectangle, square or octagon vent can be hinged for accessing your attic. Our hinged vents come as a complete unit (much like a pre-hung door).  This makes installation no different than our standard vents. Very easy to install. Optional lock available.
  • Hinged Attic Access Vent
  • Colors - We have hundreds of colors available and can usually match any color you may need.
  • Gable Decorations - We manufacture them also!
    Half Round Gable Decoration   Triangle Gable Decoration with Sunburst
  • Please contact us for these or any other special requests.

We stock over 100 colors
and have hundreds more available.
Check out our great selection of colors

Custom Kite Shape Gable Vent
Custom "Kite" Style
Gable Vents - Gable End Vents - Gable Louvers - Attic Vents - Attic Louvers

Now you CAN get the shape, size and the color you want.
All with a finish that will NEVER crack or peel!

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